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Crimes Against The Persons

We define Robbery as:

  • Firstly, The felonious taking of personal property
  • in the possession of another,
  • from his person or immediate presence and against his will,
  • Lastly, accomplished by means of force or fear.

Robbery is punishable by five years to life in prisonIn addition, if a firearm (even a simulated or inoperable firearm) is used in the robbery, an additional three years of mandatory prison time is imposed.

§ 18.2-58. How punished.
If any person commit robbery by partial strangulation, or suffocation, or by striking or beating, or by other violence to the person, or by assault or otherwise putting a person in fear of serious bodily harm, or by the threat or presenting of firearms, or other deadly weapon or instrumentality whatsoever, he shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by confinement in a state correctional facility for life or any term not less than five years.


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