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18.2-172. Forging, uttering, etc., other writings.

A person commits Forgery or uttering if:

  • forges any writing,
  • to the prejudice of another’s right,
  • or utters, or attempts to employ as true a forged writing,
  • he shall be guilty of forgery.

Forgery and uttering are each punishable as Class 5 felonies.

  • “Forgery is the false making or materially altering with intent to defraud, of any writing which, if true, might apparently be of legal efficacy.”  Bullock v. Commonwealth, 205 Va. 558 (1964).
  • “Uttering is an assertion by word or action that a writing known to be forged is good and valid.”  Bateman v. Commonwealth, 205 Va. 595 (1964).

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