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Obtaining Signature by False Pretense

  • To constitute obtaining signature by false pretenses the accused must:
    • make a false representation of a past event or existing fact; and
    • That when the false representation was made the accused had an intent to defraud; and
    • That because of the false representation, the accused obtained the alleged victim’s signature.
  • PUNISHMENT: Obtain money by false pretenses is punished as a Class 4 Felony.  In other words, an individual can be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of two to ten years and be subject to a fine up to $100,000.

Venue for the trial of any person charged with an offense under this section may be in the county or city in which (i) any act was performed in furtherance of the offense, or (ii) the person charged with the offense resided at the time of the offense.

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