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Speeding is exceeding the maximum posted speed. Exceeding the posted limit is one of the most common traffic violations in todays society. This is often related to many car crashes and other major incidents. 

  • There is a fine for every mile per hour the speed limit is exceeded.

Depending on the level of speed, speeding carries three, four, or six demerit points on your driving record.

In short, Exceeding the posted limit often leads to tickets and more. For that reason, strictly enforcing this crime is a way that prevents future violations. Above all, keeping the public safe from unnecessary threats is always the purpose of traffic laws.

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Anyone could unexpectedly find themselves facing criminal charges. In fact, a criminal charge can have lasting effects on the lives of those with such charges on their records. In order to effectively handle a serious legal situation, individuals often need to understand what they are facing. Contact Goff Voltin today to defend you now.

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Committing crimes like this are very damaging towards your record. An expungement is a process of purging a criminal or arrest record.  In other words, legal procedures to clear an eligible person’s criminal or arrest record will be used.  Chapter 23.1 of the Virginia Code governs the process of expunging criminal records. We will educate and walk you through all the necessary steps to get the best results possible.