Family Law Newport News, Family Law HamptonIndividuals seeking a family law attorney to assist with their family law matter are typically experiencing one of the most difficult periods of their life. Are you involved in an emotional child custody dispute or are pursuing or being pursued for child support? It is important to have a family law attorney who is responsive and thoroughly researches and prepares for your case. We work hard for you. In addition, we work with you to gather information to present at trial. You can be assured that our team is ready having researched the law applicable to your case. Do you have a family law case involving divorce, child custody, child support, or alimony case upcoming? Do you reside in Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Yorktown or the rest of the Hampton Roads area? Then, we are right for you. Call the attorneys at Goff Voltin, PLLC today.

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A custody case is the most important case that a parent will ever have to face. The stakes and emotions are very high and the right attorney can make all the difference. In fact, the family law attorneys at Goff Voltin, PLLC have litigated from all sides of a typical custody case. They have represented mother, fathers, and even children as a guardian ad litem.  In fact, It is this wealth of experience that makes the family law attorneys at Goff Voltin, PLLC equipped to fight on your behalf. Learn more about child custody and visitation in our family law blog.
Child support is typically calculated by statutory guidelines.  However, there are some situations which may warrant an upward or downward deviation from the guideline calculations. While, there are some attorneys that simply plug the numbers in and get their calculation, at Goff Voltin, PLLC the family law attorneys have the wherewithal to know the different exceptions applicable to child support guidelines and will apply the law to your case to get you the most favorable child support calculation.
People experiencing a separation and divorce are often in the most stressful period of their lives.  At Goff Voltin, PLLC, we help people navigate this difficult time by listening and applying the law to the facts of your case.  In addition, people are able to reduce the stress of divorce by executing a separation agreement and proceeding with an uncontested divorce based on a period of separation.  Therefore, if an uncontested divorce is not possible, we will work closely with you and vigorously represent your interests in court.  
Spousal support is often one of the most contested areas of divorce.  Whether you are pursuing support, or your spouse is pursuing support against you, you need an attorney who knows the law and is capable of being an aggressive advocate for your interests.  At Goff Voltin, we fight to ensure that you get the most favorable outcome possible regarding your spousal support issue.