Expungement of Police and Court Records

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Criminal Law- What is an expungement?

An expungement is the process of purging a criminal or arrest record.  In other words, it is the legal procedure used to clear an eligible person’s criminal or arrest record.  Chapter 23.1 of the Virginia Code governs the process of expunging criminal records.  The specific policy behind the expungement process acknowledges “that arrest records can be a hindrance to an innocent citizen’s ability to obtain employment, an education and to obtain credit.” See the code for Expungements Va. Code 19.2-392.1.

Who is eligible?

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An expungement proceeding can help you obtain a clean criminal or arrest record.

An individual is eligible to have their record expunged only if the charge was resolved in one of the following ways:

(1) an acquittal;

(2) an accord and satisfaction;

(3) a nolle prosequi; OR

(4) a dismissal.

Why would I need a clean record?

There are many reasons individuals wish to clear their record.  Here is a non exhaustive list of reasons why some people pursue an expungement after a charge:

(1)  to reestablish a clean criminal record;

(2) to obtain employment without worrying about a background check;

(3) to further education without listing embarrassing disclosures on an application;

(4) to obtain credit from a financial institution such as a bank.

Who can help?

The attorneys at Goff Voltin, PLLC in Newport News are highly experienced in handling expungement proceedings. We have helped individuals clean their records in Newport News, Norfolk, and other courts throughout Hampton Roads. Call today for a free consultation to see whether we can help you clean your criminal or arrest record.